Yes Toto We Are in Kansas

Yes, Toto, We Are in Kansas


Artist: Lorinda Sultzer

Lorinda Duch Sultzer is a professional graphic designer, and has worked for the K-State Alumni Association, the K-State Student Union, the DPCA and the Public Affairs Office at Fort Riley over the past twenty-five years. Sultzer currently works from home as a freelance designer, does work for Manhattan Christian College and a couple of other businesses. She owns a ceramic shop and teaches classes. Sultzer also designs the sets at the Columbian Theatre, works on displays at the OZ Museum, and volunteers her time for a variety of other organizations and community events. The artist has also joined the Columbian Artist Group.

“I love sunflowers and chose to paint sunflowers on my Toto. I couldn't think of a better way to represent Kansas, so I combined sunflowers on the iconic Toto. I painted the head and his feet of my Toto black and brown, similar to the Toto in the Wizard of Oz and painted the center of the body with a field of sunflowers.”

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Adopted by Short Stop / Leiszler Oil
Location US-24/K-99 (807 US-24)
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