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We believe we live in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of the country. We polled several local photographers, and here are their best recommendations on where to find breathtaking shots around Wamego at all times of the year.



The Kansas River at Riverfront Park

Early mornings in the crisp, winter air are the best time to catch steam rising off the Kansas River.  Head to Riverfront Park at sunrise to capture the perfect pink and misty shot.



The access point is located on the south side of Wamego under KS 99.


Prairie Burn in the Flint Hills

Annual burning of the prairie grasses has been going on around here since this was home to the Konza and Potawatomi Indians.  The burning restores nutrients to the foliage and provides for new growth every spring.  The month of April is the best time to burn, and the best time to capture the prairie ablaze on film.  Dusk is the best time to photograph the orange, billowing flames set against the deep blue Kansas sky.


Check out Cowboy Way Ranch & Vacations to participate in their annual prairie burns.



10075 Shanuk Lane
Westmorland, KS 66549



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Tulips in City Park

Every April the City Park, as well as many yards and gardens, in Wamego become colorful palates of tulip blooms.  The Dutch Mill in the City Park is particularly photogenic when surrounded by thousands of these colorful flowers.  Late afternoon or early evening provides the best light.

Rustic Barns and Farmsteads

Throughout the area old barns and farmsteads tell the stories of days gone by.  Explore any number of gravel roads north and east of town to find remnants of the past left by our forefathers.  Sunrise and sunset often offers the best light and colorful backdrops.

Rolling Flint Hills

The Flint Hills, south of Wamego, are covered with lush, emerald green springtime growth in May and bright golds, oranges and reds in the fall.  Capture early light for the tender greens of spring and catch the yellow light right before sunset to accentuate the blazing autumn colors.

Send us your photo location suggestions!

There is so much to see around Wamego that we may have missed a spot or two, so send us your favorite photo locations.  Be sure to include directions, best time of day and best time of year to take the photo. Send suggestions


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