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  • Is the fireworks show free?

    Yes! The #1 ranked fireworks show in Kansas is funded 100% by donors and volunteers so that you can enjoy the show for FREE!

  • What should I bring?

    Radio or personal earbuds from a true FM radio (B104.7 will have the soundtrack for the fireworks starting at 9:50pm), blanket, lawn chairs, water bottle and ear plugs for sensitive ears.

    Complete A-Z Guide to Celebration Freedom in Wamego

  • What’s the plan?

    Whether you’re staying all day or only able to make the firework show, we’ve taken the stress of planning out of it for you. Plan your morning or view the entire schedule to maximize your experience of Celebrating Freedom in Wamego!

    Complete A-Z Guide to Celebrate Freedom in Wamego

  • Where do I pick up my parking pass?

    Parking passes/tickets will be mailed to the address provided if payment is received by Friday, June 21, 2019. Those paid after Friday will not be mailed and may be picked up at the City Office in Wamego through July 3rd. City Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. After July 3rd, all remaining parking passes/tickets must be picked up at Spirits of 76, 1201 US Highway 24, Wamego, KS 66547 on July 4 no later than 7:00pm. Note: You must bring your ID for pickup. You may also purchase parking passes and tickets (subject to availability) on a walk-in basis at City Hall through July 3rd.

    To purchase a parking pass online click here. To help sponsor the show, please visit our donation page.

  • Where is the nearest restroom?

    We have over 50 restrooms available throughout the area, several of which are accessible. You may view all locations on our map.

  • Where is the nearest ATM?

    We have several ATMs throughout the Wamego area for your convenience. Find the one nearest you on our map.  


    • Landmark National Bank (6th & Lincoln)
    • Bank of the Flint Hills (5th & Elm and at the corner of Hwy 99 and Hwy 24)
    • Bennington State Bank (north side of Hwy 24 when entering from the west)
    • Kaw Valley State Bank (south side of Hwy 24 when entering  from the west)
  • What are my food options?

    With over 15 restaurant options and numerous food trucks and concession stands, we have something for everyone! From traditional funnel cakes and hot dogs to burritos and bierocks, the hardest part will be deciding where to go. Check out the list!

    FOOD Court 4-9 pm along parade route in the Bittmann Mercantile parking lot on the East side of Lincoln in the 500 block.

    There are also many concessions options at the Fireworks Shoot Site. Grab something to eat and drink, settle in, and enjoy the show! See the map below for locations and menus.

    Rec Complex (Fireworks Shoot Site) Concessions Map

  • Will water be available?

    We encourage guests to be prepared and stay safe and hydrated. Along the parade route, there will be fundraising groups selling bottles of water. While there are opportunities to buy water and fill your own water bottle, we encourage you to bring your own water and plan accordingly for hydration needs.

  • Where is the best place to park?

    Free Public Parking is available in marked lots adjacent to the Wamego Recreation Complex and along Balderson Blvd. Side street parking is permitted unless otherwise marked. No parking allowed along shoulders of Highway 24. Remote shuttle parking is located at:

    -          Wamego High School Football Field Shuttle Parking-RED SHUTTLE parking (Corner of Highway 24 and Columbian Road)

    -          Wamego Middle School Shuttle Parking-GREEN SHUTTLE parking (Physical Address: 1701 Kaw Valley Road, Wamego, KS, 66547)

    Donor Parking is available to those who have made a contribution for a parking pass. The donor lot is within the Wamego Recreation Complex. To learn more or to purchase a donor parking space, go to

  • What is my best route home and traffic like after the show?

    Listen to B104.7 for traffic updates as well as the Wamego Fireworks Show Facebook page.


    Post-Event Traffic Flow Map - Balderson Blvd.


    Local law enforcement agencies, the Wamego Chamber & CVB, as well as the Wamego Fireworks Show Pyro Crew have consistently worked together to create a traffic plan that effectively directs spectators out of Wamego after the Fireworks show in a safe way.  We kindly ask for patience as vehicles are dispersed efficiently and expeditiously to ensure safety of all guests and law enforcement. Take a deep breath, relax and listen to the band Departure’s post-fireworks show.



  • Is alcohol permitted?

    Alcohol is not permitted on public property, which includes the parade route, the Wamego Sports Complex, Wamego Middle School and Wamego Recreation Complex where fireworks are shot from and viewed by spectators.

  • Carnival, where, when and cost?

    Enjoy carnival rides for all ages and thrill levels at the Carnival taking place along Ash Street in Wamego, one block east of Downtown Wamego. Savor cotton candy, burgers, carnival rides and games for all ages!  June 30th through July 3rd - 6pm to 10pm - wristbands $25.00. July 4th 3pm to 10pm - wristbands $25.00. 

  • First Aid and Law enforcement availability?

    During the parade, police and volunteers will be monitoring the parade route. At the Wamego Recreation Complex, First Aid is available in the northwest corner of the Complex near the Shuttle drop-off zone. EMS, Police and Fire officials will all be stationed in this location. In an emergency, CALL 911.


    Local and regional law enforcement agencies and officers, EMS and Fire responders will be on the parade and fireworks premises throughout July 4. Their mobile event headquarters will be stationed in the northwest corner of the Wamego Recreation Complex, near the shuttle drop-off zone. Additionally, the Wamego police department is located at 408 Elm Street, Wamego, KS, 66547 and their administrative phone number is: (785) 456-9553. In the event of an emergency, dial 911.


  • Are personal fireworks permitted?

    Personal fireworks are not permitted on public property, which includes the Wamego Recreation Complex, Wamego Sports Complex, Wamego Middle School (Satellite and Shuttle Parking) and the Parade Route along Lincoln Street. Please understand safety is paramount during this event—we appreciate your compliance with the law to not shoot fireworks around others on city property to keep this event fun and safe for everyone.

  • How do I listen to the fireworks soundtrack?

    Take your Wamego Fireworks experience to the next level and enjoy the musical soundtrack with the show. Wamego’s PYRO CREW selects specific songs each year and then works through the winter to synchronize their show and special effects to the soundtrack. Music and fireworks melded together can deliver a uniquely powerful feeling. The chase sequences and timing to the music are an artistic element for which Wamego is well known. Use an FM radio tuned to B104.7 to personally enjoy the music at a level that is right for your ears. (Streaming internet or phone based apps introduce a delay and will not synchronize with the show therefore you must use “over the air” FM radio. Sport type radios using earbuds are our favorite because you won’t miss a note.) The ear buds placed tightly in your ears block a little bit of the boom. Set the volume at your personal preference to obtain your perfect mix of fireworks sizzle and music.

  • How should I get around town on the 4th?

    On July 4th, a smart strategy it to arrive early and make a day of it. Securing parking spots before the parade starts will be easy and worry free and there are activities the entire day. Once you are parked, stay parked. All venues are a reasonable walk from one another. In the late afternoon as the parade time nears, you will be able to navigate on foot more efficiently than you would in a car.

    Many utilize the FREE shuttle service from Wamego High School Sports Complex (Football field at Columbian Rd. on the West edge of town) and the Wamego Middle School.  Others park in the early afternoon at the public fireworks lots and walk to city park for the car show and carnival fun, followed by catching the parade and later walking back to the complex, stopping by their vehicle and gathering provisions for the fireworks display.

    After the show, you will be within reasonable walking distance of your vehicle and putting the cap on a great Independence Day experience. After the fireworks traffic will be heavy and slow, so relax and stay, visit with friends and listen to music by the band DEPARTURE.

  • When is the Parade and how long does it last?

    The Annual Independence Day Parade begins at 6:00 p.m. and is anticipated to be just over an hour. Please stay behind the flag line for spectator safety!

  • When are the fireworks & how long do they last?

    The fireworks start at 10:00pm. The fireworks launch lasts about 30 minutes.


  • Where can I get the best view of the fireworks?

    The view at the recreation complex is simply spectacular! Those who make the journey have never regretted the decision, or the effort. Within the complex your view is 3D of fireworks launching and sequencing around the ball diamonds in a true 360 degree experience with more than 60 discreet shoot sites throughout the display. Wherever you are, tune your radio to B104.7 FM and enjoy an enhanced experience listening to the show soundtrack courtesy of Hot Country B104.7.

  • Fireworks locations is where?

    The Wamego Recreation Complex is home to the shooting location of the fireworks show. Reserved Donor parking and seating, as well as an abundance of public viewing areas are within the recreation complex. Shuttles from the Sports Complex and Middle School will drop off and pick up in the northwest corner of the Recreation Complex from 4-9 p.m. and after the fireworks show. The Recreation Complex will have water, restrooms, concessions and the band, Departure, playing at 7:30 p.m. and playing again after the fireworks show.

  • Wi-Fi, is it available?

    Throughout Wamego on July 4, complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided by WTC. Just check out your phone’s Wi-Fi connections upon entering Wamego and enjoy free service for the day!


  • Can I bring my pet?

    Though not prohibited, it is strongly recommended not to bring pets.


  • How can I find out about weather?

    NEW in 2018:  You can sign-up for text alerts (cell charges may apply) by texting WMG4th18 to 888-777.  You will then receive a text alert regarding any emergencies related to Wamego's 4th.

    If weather impacts any of the scheduled events, updates will be available via B104.7 FM radio station and the Wamego Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and the Wamego Fireworks page. We encourage our guests to be weather-aware and have a plan for your own safety. We have designated storm shelters reserved and will be available if weather becomes a concern. 

  • Where is lost and found?

    Our volunteers do their best during clean-up to compile lost personal items. For lost & found please contact the Wamego Chamber at 785-456-7849 or the City of Wamego at 785-456-9119 the work week after Independence Day to check for any lost items. Wallets, purses and other personal items containing sensitive information should be turned into law enforcement immediately. 

  • Where is parking for guests with disabilities?

    We are committed to the needs of our guests. At the donor reserved parking area at the complex, additional parking spaces are created and designated for those with disabilities on July 4th. This total well exceeds the number of disabled parking spaces required by the ADA. To guarantee one of these spots, a parking pass may be purchased at with request for an ADA spot. Otherwise, remaining inventory of these spaces are offered free on a first come, first served, basis. Unfortunately, the demand always exceeds supply. 

  • Where and when do the remote parking shuttles pick-up and drop-off?

    The Shuttle is free and open to the public to and from the Wamego Recreation Complex from 4-9 p.m. and will provide return service after the fireworks show.  Shuttles will make stops at the top of the parade route prior to 6:00pm for those wishing to attend the Parade.  This drop-off location is NOT a pick-up location.  Pick-up locations are at the recreation complex only. The parade route runs along Lincoln Street (Downtown Wamego) from 8th to 4th Streets. From the parade, it is a short walk East to the recreation complex for the fireworks show.


    The locations of Shuttle Parking and Event Locations (to be utilized with Google Maps on your Smartphone) are:

    -          Wamego High School Football Field Shuttle Parking-RED SHUTTLE parking (Corner of Highway 24 and Columbian Road)

    -          Wamego Middle School Shuttle Parking-GREEN SHUTTLE parking (Physical Address: 1701 Kaw Valley Road, Wamego, KS, 66547)

    -          Wamego Recreation Complex RED and GREEN SHUTTLE pick-up (Corner of Highway 24 and Balderson Blvd.)

  • Are tents allowed?

    Tents are permitted if anchored for safety and must be taken down by 8:30 pm for optimal viewing for all.

  • What can I not bring to the Rec Complex?

    Alcohol, Grills, Personal Fireworks, Glass, Drones, and Firearms. We also highly discourage bringing pet animals.

What Not to Bring

What Not to Bring What Not to Bring

Leave Fido at Home

Though not prohibited, it is strongly recommended not to bring pets.

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