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Oz Attractions


OZ Museum

Home to one of the largest privately owned collections of Oz memorabilia, the Oz Museum has more than 100 years of Oz history from all over the world on display.

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The Oz Museum in Wamego, KS

Oz Winery

With award-winning wines like “Witch in a Ditch,” and “Run Toto Run!,” a visit to this winery lets you know you are in Kansas.

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The Oz Winery in Wamego, KS

Toto’s Tacoz!

The Fresh Mex style menu features “Munchkins Tacoz” and “Bust my Buttons” Burritos – adding to the downtown theme of Oz.

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Toto's Tacoz in Wamego, KS


The only time of the year Highway 99 and Lincoln Avenue actually close down is to celebrate one of America’s best-known fairy tales.

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Did You Know?

Real Kansas tornadoes are believed to have inspired the original Oz story. Two tornadoes touched down in Irving, Kansas, in 1879 and are credited with being that inspiration. Those tornadoes are also believed to have sent the town’s not-so-appreciated gossip spinning as well.